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Every diamond holds a unique 'fingerprint,' but did you know that each diamond also carries a unique melody? Crystal Beam Melody brings to life the distinctive song of your diamond, using advanced authentication and gemological grading services enabled by Gemprint technology. Not only do we ensure the uniqueness and genuineness of your diamond; we transform its distinct optical features into a harmonious symphony. Experience the uniqueness of your diamond, authenticated, graded, and converted into an unforgettable melody with Crystal Beam Melody.

How does it work? Simply put, a diamond’s unique sparkle pattern (found using Gemprint®) is converted to a sound transfer file based on algorithms. As the optical response of each gemstone is unique, the musical representation will be unique.

GCAL 8x Round Brilliant Cut
Princess Cut

With Crystal Beam Melody, you can not only see and touch diamonds, but you can listen to their particular and unique melodies. The current fragile state of the world will probably make people aware that one of life’s great pleasures is enjoying joyful sensory experiences, especially ones that arose from natural discoveries.

To experience the joy of hearing and owning the beautiful melody created from your diamond that may forever accompany your special stone, contact us.

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For a premium CBM experience...

CBM allows you to close your eyes and be transported to a blissful auditory sanctuary created from your diamond-- with a premium CBM, open your eyes and see your glorious stone as it spins and sparkles, expanding the sensory connection with your diamond and giving you an experience you'll come back to again and again. Contact us to find out more.

For  a more immersive, premium CBM experience, we've incorporated the ability to view the unique reflective pattern of your actual diamond as it rotates and shimmers along to the playback it's beautiful song. 

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