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Gemprint Dealer

The GEMPRINT® system provides the user with the world's most sophisticated, non-invasive and court-approved means of gemstone identification.  Users will quickly be able to scan and store their GEMPRINT® "fingerprint" for each transparent gemstone in their inventory. 

You will be able to provide a "Certificate of Registration" and upload the information into the Gemprint International Registry, where it will be permanently stored for the purposes of future identification, verification, and recovery.

With concerns over stone switching, the system will enable you to keep an inventory of items received by clients and positively assure them you are returning the same stone they originally provided to you.

With the Gemprint International Registry at your fingertips, you will be able to accept items from law enforcement, insurance companies, and legal professionals to aid in the identification of lost or stolen, recovered stones.

The GEMPRINT® system will allow you to rapidly identify diamond simulants at the repair counter, due to their differing refractive properties.


Unlike laser inscription, GEMPRINT® "fingerprints" cannot be removed and all registered stones are stored in a single international database.


GEMPRINT® is the most valuable service that you can provide to your customer, which will offer them confidence, peace of mind, and insurance discounts from over 30 international companies.  As well, the consumer demand for protection means that the GEMPRINT®system will be a strong revenue generator for your company for years to come.


To become a GEMPRINT® Dealer, please contact Angelo Palmieri at or toll free at 1-888-GEMPRINT.

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