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Register Your Diamond

It'll Just Take A Few Minutes

If you lose it. If it's stolen. If, if, if...

Take the worry out of it and register your diamond.

GEMPRINT® registration is one of the smartest safeguards that you can do for your diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique GEMPRINT®. Your diamond has been Gemprinted, now take the next step to protect your investment by registering in the International Gemprint Registry. Lifetime registration fee is $50, which pays for itself through discounts on annual insurance premiums of up to 10% - just one of the many benefits of Registration in the International GEMPRINT® registry.

Just a few reasons why registering your diamond is a smart decision....

Insurance Discounts: 

Over 30 international insurance companies (including Allstate, Farm Bureau, Fireman’s Fund, Jewelers Mutual, State Farm, and Travelers) provide a discount on your insurance premium of up to 10%. The annual savings you realize will recover the registration fee in just a few years.

Peace of Mind:

You never have to worry again when you leave your treasured engagement ring to be reset, repaired, or cleaned. Gemprint allows you to verify the identity of your diamond with absolute confidence.

Forensic Evidence: 

The Gemprint registration of your diamond is a court-accepted means of irrefutable evidence proving ownership and protecting your investment.

Investment Protection: 

If your diamond is ever lost or stolen, notify Gemprint immediately. Your diamond will be flagged in the Gemprint database helping to speed recovery.

If your diamond has not been Gemprinted, please give us a call at 1-888-GEMPRINT to find out how to safeguard your diamond today.

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