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Report Lost / Stolen Diamond

If you've lost a diamond that was Gemprinted, first be sure to report the loss to your insurance company and local police department along with a copy of your Gemprint® Certificate of Registration, Diamond Grading Report, and Appraisal. Then, inform Gemprint of your loss by completing this form.

Gemprint will notify the proper jewelry industry authorities and will monitor all diamonds processed by Gemprint for potential matches. If the diamond is recovered, Gemprint® can be used as forensic evidence to assist local police departments as well as national and international law enforcement agencies in the identification of the diamond.

Gemprint® has been used as evidence in the court of law. In 1983, a landmark decision by the District Court of San Diego accepted Gemprint® as proof positive for diamond identification and thus provided juris prudence (People vs. Maki of California et. Al (San Diego, 1983). Since then Gemprint® has been instrumental in many recoveries and convictions.

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