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GEMPRINT® was conceptualized and developed in Israel in the early 1970s at the Weizmann Institute of Science.    It was based on the theory that no two gemstones are exactly alike, and thus, the internal reflection pattern of each gemstone would be unique.  The system recorded the subtle distinctions in diamond cuts, just as fingerprinting does for people.

The original GEMPRINT® instrument was a stand-alone device that produced a Polaroid photo of the diamond’s ‘reflection pattern’ as generated by a collimated laser beam, directed at the table of the gemstone.  While two gemstones may have appeared to be similar to expert gemologists, GEMPRINT® was able to uniquely identify each diamond.

The world’s first GEMPRINT® was recorded and registered on March 12, 1976.

GEMPRINT® made its debut in the United States in 1978, headquartered in Chicago.  GEMPRINT® quickly became accepted in courts of law as irrefutable evidence, insuring convictions, and is still the world’s only scientific, non-invasive method of identifying diamonds.

By 1983, GEMPRINT® had made significant contributions to court cases leading to convictions in California, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and a federal case, assisting the FBI.

Today, GEMPRINT® is a fully digitized and computerized system that captures and stores this unique optical fingerprint electronically using the latest laser technology and an interactive, fully automated scanning instrument.


Despite the complexity of diamond identification, tens of millions of dollars worth of lost and stolen diamonds have been identified and returned to their rightful owners, and more than $10 Billion dollars worth of diamonds have been Gemprinted, including the Hope Diamond and rare gemstones from America’s largest museums. 


Today, GEMPRINT® offers consumers, insurance discounts from more than 30 insurance companies, a court accepted means of proving ownership, and the ability to verify stone authenticity with absolute confidence should they ever need to leave their diamond to be repaired, cleaned or reset.


Gemprint Corporation, headquartered in New York, NY, is the world’s only non-invasive diamond identification system.  Gemprint’s technology is now used worldwide by diamond cutters, gemological laboratories, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce sites.

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