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Why does every diamond have a unique
GEMPRINT® pattern?

The typical round brilliant diamond has 57 facets. The arrangement and relation of each of these facets to one another is always slightly different; each facet can be a slightly different shape, size, and angle. There are an infinite number of possible combinations and an infinite number of ways a diamond reflects a beam of light. This is why every diamond, even those of the same shape and weight, has a unique GEMPRINT® pattern.

Does the GEMPRINT® pattern printed relate to the diamond's inclusions or clarity?
No. The GEMPRINT® is a distinct optical reflection pattern of a laser beam of light. Inclusions can play a part in the uniqueness of the GEMPRINT® pattern if they alter the path of the beam of light, but the pattern does NOT represent the location of inclusions.

Does the GEMPRINT® identification ever wear off?
GEMPRINT® is a permanent identification technology for loose and mounted diamonds that does not physically mark the diamond. However, GEMPRINT® does become invalid if the diamond is significantly re-cut, in which case the diamond should be sent back for a new GEMPRINT® registration.

How Accurate is GEMPRINT®?
GEMPRINT® has undergone rigorous testing on tens of thousands of diamonds around the globe - many of which appear identical to expert gemologists.   Each time GEMPRINT® has been able to uniquely identify a cut and polished diamond without the aid of any external markings.  GEMPRINT® has been called the fingerprint system for diamonds.

How long does it take to GEMPRINT® a diamond?
The Gemprinting process takes less than 30 seconds per diamonds.

Does a diamond have to be loose to be Gemprinted?
No, GEMPRINT® works equally well on loose or mounted diamonds.

Are there are other methods of identifying diamonds?
The most common invasive methods are various forms of laser inscription, which inscribe numbers or letters on the girdle of the stone.  Unfortunately, laser inscriptions can be easily removed or altered either intentionally, or during the setting process of loose diamonds into diamond jewelry.  While still the most common form of identification, it is not necessarily a permanent identifying mark like GEMPRINT®.

Where can I bring my diamond in to be Gemprinted?
There are GEMPRINT® service locations in many locations across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, India, Botswana, Israel, and Belgium.  For a complete listing, see our GEMPRINT® Locator page. 

Which insurance companies support GEMPRINT®?
Roughly 30 major insurance companies provide discounts to those who insure their Gemprinted diamonds.  Please ask your local agent to inquire.  For a complete listing see our Insurance Discounts page.

Can GEMPRINT® be used as evidence in a court of law?
In 1983 a landmark decision by the District Court of San Diego accepted GEMPRINT® as proof positive for diamond identification and thus provided juris prudence; (People vs. Maki of California et. al (San Diego, 1983).  Since then GEMPRINT® has been instrumental in many convictions.

Can GEMPRINT® help me recover stolen diamonds?
Yes.  GEMPRINT® is routinely contacted by local police departments as well as national and international law enforcement agencies to assist in the identification of stolen diamonds and jewelry.

I lost my diamond that was Gemprinted. What now?
Report the loss to your insurance company and local police department along with the GEMPRINT® certificate.  Contact GEMPRINT®!! We will be pleased to co-operate if the stone is recovered and expert evidence is needed.

Is my registration in the GEMPRINT® database secure?
All information in the GEMPRINT® database is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by outsiders except for comparisons performed for insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.

Can GEMPRINT® help protect against stone-switching?
Consumers have become concerned about fraudulent practices by some in the jewelry industry as highlighted by recent investigative journalists including Dateline NBC.  If you have any concerns about receiving back the identical diamond from a jeweler, GEMPRINT® can provide assurance.

My diamond is 0.20ct is this too small for Gemprinting?
All diamonds larger than 0.05 cts can be Gemprinted.

How do I become an authorized GEMPRINT® dealer?
We are interested in working with jewelers or gemologists who sell or work with significant volumes of diamonds.   

Does GEMPRINT® work with gems other than diamonds?
GEMPRINT® can work with certain other stones of a high degree of brilliance and transparency such as sapphires and topaz. 

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